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Mechanix Wear - MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves (Large, Camouflage)





Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard and finger protection.

Form-fitting TrekDry with MultiCam camouflage helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added durability.

XRD palm padding absorbs impact and vibration.

Machine washable.

Video Review Mechanix Wear - MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves (Large, Camouflage)

A brief overview of what I feel are the best tactical gloves out on the market right now. I do own two pair of Pig gloves, and like them, but these Mechanix M-Pact ...

Product review of the Mechanix Wear Coyote Brown M-Pact tactical gloves. If you would like to purchase one of these great tactical gloves, would you please ...

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